Mornington Sea Glass Dolphin Stone Pendant

Dive below the surface and set your inner mermaid free

Materials: sterling silver, larimar, 4.6cm drop.

Chain type options: 40cm or 45cm 1mm 935 Argentium Silver snake chain

Gift wrap: reusable canvas bag or recycled earthboard gift box.

All jewellery comes with a colour information card and sea glass.


Slowly drift under the pier in crystal clear waters.  Immerse yourself in magical underwater gardens and marine life, you may even spot a flick of a mermaid tail.

Inspired by our love of the world beneath the waves, this pendant features larimar found in the Dominican Republic.


Other names by which Larimar is known include “Dolphin Stone” and “Atlantis Stone”. It is believed by some that certain islands in the Atlantic Ocean, including the Dominican Republic, are remnants of the lost continent of Atlantis, and according to a prophesy originating in nearby Trinidad and Tobago, a blue coloured stone with healing properties would be found in the region. This calming stone carries a strong energetic connection to the sea, reminding us to embrace change and go with the flow. It is said to represent peace, clarity, healing and love.


A pendant to connect you to the water and the treasures found below. For those who love their beaches, bays and oceans and are committed to ensuring the longevity of our waters and marine life. A donation is made to the Dolphin Research Institute in Victoria to support their work to give all marine life a voice.


Price: $90 AUD