Port Phillip Bay

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Welcome to everyone new who has joined us over these Easter holidays. We noticed many of you were from distant shores so we thought we would give you a quick snapshot of some of our favourite places to spend time on and around Port Phillip Bay in Victoria, Australia. It is lovely to have you with us and we’d love to hear about where you are from and of course any sea glass stories you’d like to share!


On many of the beaches surrounding Port Phillip
Bay you can find brightly coloured boat sheds.
This is my favourite of all…it is not the biggest or fanciest but I think of calm tropical waters every time I see it!




528760_497095510343478_1032862092_nPort Phillip Bay is quite unique in that it has a population of both bottlenose and common dolphins that spend their time entirely within the bay and never leave…in fact our bay has 80% of marine life that is found nowhere in the world!






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