Bringing beach calm home

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Mornington Sea Glass South Beach Calm

Many of us head to the beach to find a sense of calm, to reconnect with nature and recharge the soul. It’s tough with beaches closed at this time and we need to find other ways to find a connection with the sea.

The beauty about sea glass is it is wonderfully tactile. Now is a perfect time to get out your collection and lay it out on a mat. Even better, set up outside if the sun’s out to bring out that sea glass glow! When I need to relax I sort through colours. I love the feel of the glass, the shape and the knowledge I’m holding a little piece of my town’s history. Little gems from bygone eras, no longer needed at that time, but lovingly reshaped and resurrected over time by nature. Always check out your white sea glass on a white background, chances are some may have a faint purple hue. That’s exciting, it’s a sign of historic glass. Let me know if you do!!

Put your sea glass out on display, especially your favourite pieces. Have one on your desk that’s just nice to hold when you are working. Arrange some vases with sand and sea glass. Surround yourself visually with the things from the sea that you love. If you live in Australia and you don’t have any pieces of sea glass to display, just send me a postage paid return envelope and I’ll send you some. We can bring that beach calm home together! xx

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