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Business Weekly photo of Mornington Sea Glass

Paul and I are both self taught silversmiths who love working with sea glass we have found locally, from around Australia and from distant shores abroad. It had been a very enjoyable journey so far that we have been able to share with family and friends. We have had great support from our community as well and it was a lovely surprise to be interviewed by Keith Platt from BusinessTimes, a website and monthly magazine giving a voice to local business.










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  1. Teresa Rodwell


    Do you know of any seaglassfestivals in nsw or Australia as my sisters, husband and I constantly are bent over and searching the beaches in port kembla and Shellharbour in nsw . We have found some amazing pieces and would love to know if there is a meet where people bring and display their fantastic and rare finds.

    Hope you can help
    0427 741311

    • morningtonseaglassco

      Hi Teresa, thanks for your message and lovely to meet another collector! There is no sea glass festival to my knowledge in Australia, however there is an Australian and NZ sea glass lovers group on facebook where collectors share their beachcombing experiences and photos of their favourite finds. Hope this helps, we would also love to see your finds on our facebook page! x

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