At Mornington Sea Glass we would love to create something unique, either for you, or for you to give someone special! Whether it is your sea glass or ours, it is our belief that if our oceans and bays have taken significant amounts of time to shape the glass then it is our role to display them as they were found, as nature intended.

At Mornington Sea Glass we have designed our jewellery to be as easy as possible to enjoy. When setting our sea glass we use Argentium silver, which is higher quality than regular 925 sterling silver. We also use sterling silver chains to hang our pendants. Our jewellery pieces come with an earthboard gift box which is 100% Australian made recycled board or reusable cloth bag. Your piece will also come with a double-sided colour story card, which also identifies where the sea glass in the gift originally was found.

One other important aspect of Argentium silver production to note is all our silver is sourced from recycled material. For those with allergy concerns, Argentium alloys do not contain nickel.

At Mornington Sea Glass we will always communicate with you if your custom jewellery will be made with Argentium silver or Sterling silver.

Argentium is more expensive than regular sterling silver, however we strongly believe if your sea glass has survived being tossed around in the bay for many decades, then offering slightly more expensive, higher quality jewellery options means it can be enjoyed for even longer!


Ring Sizing:

Standard ring sizes are given in millimetres based on the inner diameter of the ring.


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However, there can be some differences between ring size charts used among jewellers. At Mornington Sea Glass, our handmade rings follow this sizing system:


5 J ½ 15.7
5 ¼ K 15.9
5 ½ K ½ 16.1
5 ¾ L 16.3
6 L ½ 16.5
6 ¼ M 16.7
6 ½ M ½ 16.9
6 ¾ N 17.1
7 N ½ 17.3
7 ¼ O 17.5
7 ½ O ½ 17.7
7 ¾ P 17.9
8 P ½ 18.1
8 ¼ Q 18.3
8 ½ Q ½ 18.5
8 ¾ R 18.7
9 R ½ 18.9
9 ¼ S 19.2
9 ½ S ½ 19.4
9 ¾ T 19.6
10 T ½ 19.8
10 ¼ U 20.0
10 ½ U ½ 20.2
10 ¾ V 20.4
11 V ½ 20.6
11 ¼ W 20.8
11 ½ W ½ 21.0
11 ¾ X 21.2
12 X ½ 21.4
12 ¼ Y 21.6
12 ½ Z 21.8
12 ¾ Z ½ 22.0


Sea glass, once set, is a challenge to re-size given it cannot be heated to the higher temperatures that precious gemstones can withstand. It is important to know your ring size before ordering.

Remember a ring should fit comfortably and be snug enough that it won’t fall off, but loose enough to slide over your knuckle. Each of our fingers are a different size, so please take that into consideration. Your finger size can change depending on time of the day and weather.

It is always best to get your finger measured by a local jeweller, or if you are local, we can measure it for you.

If you are unable to have your finger measured professionally, you can place a ring that fits you well on top of a ruler to find out the inside diameter in millimetres. You can then use the sizing chart to determine your size.

You can also send us a photo of your ring placed on top of a ruler so we can read the inside diameter.

When buying a surprise sea glass ring it is best to check with friend or relative of who you are buying the ring for, if they know their size.

Another option is to measure a ring that already fits who you are buying the ring for, using the above ruler method. Check the above sizing chart to determine the size.

If the ring you purchased/have had custom made doesn’t fit and needs a slight alteration, we provide a free first re-size to help you get the right fit. You just pay the postage to send the ring to us and we’ll cover the shipping back to you once re-sized. If there is a substantial re-size needed that requires a full re setting, then there will be an additional charge of $50 to cover time and silver, plus return postage of $9.

Please contact us to discuss your ideas, we would be delighted to create a sea glass keepsake for you or a special birthday, festive or appreciation gift for you to give. The beauty of sea glass is you never know what you are going to find when you head down to the beach so at the time of your enquiry we will advise you of the local and Australian sea glass colours we have available. You are also most welcome to view our overseas sea glass collection which includes the famed multi coloured English sea glass below.




English Multi Colour Sea Glass by Mornington Sea Glass
Bay Colours by Mornington Sea Glass