We are very passionate as a family about our local marine environment here on the Mornington Peninsula. In fact over 80% of the marine life found in Victoria’s southern waters occur nowhere else on earth! We are also extremely fortunate to have two species of resident dolphins that can be found inshore along the Victorian coastline.  Port Phillip Bay is unique to have dolphins that call the bay home given worldwide they spend their time visiting bays and inlets and then head back out to open waters.

We strongly believe in the work of the Dolphin Research Institute to ensure the well being of our local dolphins and to give Victoria’s marine life a voice. Using photographs, the institute has been able to observe and research both the resident ‘bottlenose’ dolphins in Port Phillip Bay, Western Port and the Gippsland Lakes for many years and more recently, a pod of common dolphins. They are a not for profit, community-based organisation and we are proud to contribute to their Adopt-a-Dolphin Program each year.


Jenn Hilditch Dolphin Photo
Port Phillip Bay Dolphins image captured by Jenn Hilditch


Current tally of our donations to date: $4573


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