Gifts from the Sea for Mother’s Day

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Mornington Sea Glass Mum and me


“Behind all your stories is always your mother’s story. Because hers is where yours begin.” ― Mitch Albom


Connection to nature

Mum and I have always been visual people. She influenced my connection to nature and the energy, strength and peace she draws from being in the bush and by the bay.

This appreciation to see true beauty in nature and not in the material world, led to my love of the sea, in particular its colours and the world beneath the waves. Mum also has a strong sense of community and responsibility to help where she can. These principles to give back, to be a part of change for the better and to be grateful for what we have, set me on a path that has now been involved with the Dolphin Research Institute for over 20 years now! We currently donate to the Institute’s Adopt-a- Dolphin program from sales of our jewellery.

It is that connection to nature and the desire to be a part of positive change for our marine environment that inspires us and something we hope people will feel when they are wearing our sea glass jewellery x


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

As well as our handcrafted sea glass jewellery we also stock a range of marine inspired pieces to layer with our sea glass or wear as stand alone symbols of your love for the ocean and its marine life.

View our sea glass and marine inspired jewellery


Free Shipping within Australia for Mum

If you see something your mum would love we are offering free shipping until May 6th.

To see how we are giving back to support the work of the Dolphin Research Institute to give our local marine life a voice, please see here.


See our mother’s Day newsletter here x



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