Happy Mother’s Day

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Mornington Sea Glass Mother's Day
Mornington Sea Glass Mother’s Day

My mum is a huge inspiration for me, with an incredibly generous and kind nature…and as you know chief beachcomber for Mornington Sea Glass! She covers many kilometres of coastline here on the Mornington Peninsula, interstate and even overseas. She is definitely addicted to the search for something special…and I should add pretty competitive when it comes rarest finds!! Love you mum and thank you for all that you do. Wishing all mums a lovely day today x


  1. Anne

    I love that we share that special time together looking for sea glass or just walking along the beach taking in the view and/or chatting. It is a lovely, relaxing way to catch up, when sometimes life gets quite busy for all of us. Your jewellery is beautiful ( my unbiased opinion off course ) and I am very proud of you and Paul. Love Mum

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