New Bay Breeze Collection

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Mornington Sea Glass Bay Breeze Collection

Inspiration for our new, limited Bay Breeze jewellery range came from this old photo I recently found from over 20 years ago. Fresh out of university I joined a group who were interested in the dolphins of Port Phillip Bay. One of our roles was to volunteer as an information guide on a yacht that took people out for sightseeing tours of the Bay.

Seeing the photo with dad, who came out with us that day, evoked a number of memories of standing at the bow of the boat watching dolphins head over to catch a ride on the bow wave. More often than not, as you looked down towards them, one would turn its head to look up. A fleeting connection, but a lifetime love.

Those who know our story would be well aware that small group of individuals went on to become the Dolphin Research Institute that today has a significant role in giving all of Victoria’s marine life a voice, educating communities on the role they play to reduce pollution that flushes into our bay and contributing world class research to better understand the behaviour of our bay’s unique bottlenose and common dolphin populations.

While the photo and moment in time seems a lifetime ago now, and so much has happened since, it does represent such a happy time with a sense of freedom, dreams and conviction for the future for our bay. It is what we hope you will see in our collection and feel when wearing our sea glass.

The first wave of our Bay Breeze collection is on our website now with some more pieces to come. This is a very limited range as we have chosen to feature our rarer cobalt sea glass. Cobalt blue was predominantly used as a colour for bottles and vases/art glass from the late 1800s to mid 1900s. It is a very rare sea glass colour to find on Mornington Peninsula, with most found in smaller to tiny sizes. In this collection we have looked to find designs where we can feature our smaller cobalt finds as well as those from our collection that have washed up along international shores x 🌊💙⚓️…/sea-glass-jewellery/

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