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Photographing sea glass is a challenge! Those of you who collect and wear it, would know the colour can change in different lighting, especially whether the sea glass is inside or outdoors. I have always loved photographing our sea glass in amongst our local rock pools. I’m not a photographer, just someone with an old iPhone who loves pottering around the rock pools looking for pretty grottos and interesting ledges and rocks, seaweed and shells. There is something about the glow of sea glass by the water’s edge that always seems more magical and makes me smile…
Given we don’t change the shape of our sea glass, each jewellery piece Paul and I make is a one off, and every piece has to be photographed individually. It has been tough getting the shots we need for our website this winter.
However, earlier this week the sun was out, so racing down with as much jewellery as I could carry, finally got some shots!
We’ll be posting photos on our socials in the meantime so you can see what we have available while we work on getting our jewellery back on our website shop.
Appreciate your patience, but I just can’t seem to capture our sea glass jewellery any other way. If anyone needs a light box let me know…recreating a beach in the comfort and warmth of home during winter months sounded like a really good idea but not a great success!! x 🌊🧜🏽‍♀️🐚

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