Sea glass and silver castings

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Mornington Sea Glass Castings

Paul and I always wanted to make jewellery that reflects our love of the bay and the incredible marine life that can be found beneath the surface, under the piers and in amongst the rockpools. Jewellery to connect you to the bay and to evoke memories of time at the beach, no matter where you are. For us, happy times with the kids snorkelling under the piers in amongst underwater gardens and spotting the spectacular marine life that call the bay home. For me personally, memories of volunteering with The Dolphin Research Institute to do research and spot dolphins from coastal cliff tops, the Quarantine Station at Point Nepean and sightseeing yacht.
For over a decade we have wanted to incorporate casting techniques with our sea glass. It has been such a long and patient wait due to many factors. We only operate at a hobby level so definitely start up was an issue. It was important to us to be able to find a seahorse from sustainable means that had died naturally, no matter how long that took. I also wanted a technique where the seahorse specimen would be preserved and not destroyed in the process. Finally, the planets aligned and we found

Wysiwyg 3D Pty Ltd

who were able to take incredible 3D images of our seahorse and urchin so a mould could be made keeping our beautiful seahorse and sea urchin specimens intact!

These are the first of rough castings that we need to clean up and create with, and we are so excited! Lockdown will be the perfect time to start working on a new collection with our sea glass and castings that reflects the colourful underwater world of our bay x 🌊🐚🐬🐠

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