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Mornington Sea Glass Weekend Work Bench

We are often asked why we have so many sold pieces on our website. It is important to know that we only make one off pieces set to the exact shape the sea glass washed up and not jewellery in volume. Given we rely on nature and that the bay unfortunately doesn’t take colour requests, we don’t always have jewellery quality sea glass in the studio.

I am also REALLY fussy about the type of sea glass we use. Paul would say too much at times, but I always think if I would love to wear it, then I feel happy about showing it to you. That also explains why we use sea glass from overseas. We have two lovely collectors living afar whom we trust implicitly and send us beautiful, genuine sea glass they have found. If our family can’t find anything local, we can still create!

Lastly, we have a lot of custom requests so while we are making, it doesn’t always get to the website. If you have seen a custom piece or something that has sold on the website, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Paul and I have always held the view that our main priority is for you to love your sea glass so there is never any pressure from our end, and to be honest if we make something and you change your mind, we will always need it for our website! Amanda and Paul x 

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