Drift under the pier in crystal clear waters. Take a breath and dive towards the wonders below…

Materials: Argentium silver sea glass bezel, Sea glass approx. .8cm x 1cm. Sea urchin sterling silver castings approx. 1.5cm long.

Chain: Your choice of 40cm or 45cm 935 snake chain

Gift wrap: reusable canvas bag or recycled earthboard gift box with wood wool. All jewellery comes with a colour information card and sea glass.


Immerse yourself in magical underwater gardens and marine life. You may even spot a shy seahorse anchored around a colourful sea sponge, a sea urchin hidden amongst rocks or a sea star lying in a sea grass meadow.

Inspired by our love of the world beneath the waves, our pendant features an ethically found sea urchin. A 3D image was taken of the specimen and a mould made from the image to ensure the specimen would remain intact.

This pendant was photographed outside on a sunny morning. Sea glass colour may vary slightly from outdoor to indoor settings.

A pendant to connect you to the water and the treasures below.  Our sea star, sea urchin shell and seahorse designs have been inspired by our bay’s amazing marine life. For those who love their beaches, bays and oceans and are committed to ensuring the longevity of our waters and marine life. A donation is made to the Dolphin Research Institute in Victoria to support their work to give all marine life a voice.

Price: $210 AUD

935 snake chain :