Mornington Sea Glass Blue Thread Stud Earrings

Dive below the surface and set your inner mermaid free.

Materials: sterling silver stud bar and double chain earrings 5cm, ย sea glass approx.1cm

Gift wrap: reusable canvas bag. Comes with an information card and sea glass.


Immerse yourself in clear blue green waters to search for pretty shells and blue sea glass gems.

Inspired by our love of the world beneath the waves, our earrings comes with two pieces of genuine sea glass from local shores. These earrings were photographed outdoors on a cloudy day so colour may vary in indoor and outdoor settings.

Earrings to connect you to the water and treasures found along the shoreline. For those who love their beaches, bays and oceans and are committed to ensuring the longevity of our waters and marine life. A donation is made to the Dolphin Research Institute in Victoria to support their work to give all marine life a voice.

Price: $45 AUD

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