Below the surface of Port Phillip Bay you can find 80% of marine species that are found nowhere else in the world. It’s pretty special and worth wearing symbols to celebrate! Our family has many precious memories of snorkelling under piers and along the shallows of the bay.

Our sterling silver sea star designs have been made from jewellers wax from sustainably sourced sea stars that were found naturally. We sent our sea star moulds to casters to be formed into metal. Once returned we then spend time to clean the metal and hand finish each piece.

Our sea star designs have been inspired by our bay’s amazing marine life. We are avid supporters of the Dolphin Research Institute to protect our living marine treasures and contribute to their adopt-a-dolphin program.

Our sea star collection is a connection to the amazing world found below the waves and perfect to layer and wear with your sea glass jewellery or to wear as a stand alone piece..


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