Common dolphin mother and calf photographed by David Donnelly under permit, Dolphin Research Institute


We love the work of the Dolphin Research Institute and have proudly supported their work in Victorian waters for many years to provide a healthy future for our bottlenose and common dolphins, whales and their marine environment. We contribute to both their adopt-a-dolphin program and adopt-a-whale program from sales of our sea glass jewellery and by donating jewellery to their fundraising endeavours.

Photo by DRI, under permit.


Over the years, we have currently donated just under $6000 to the Dolphin Research Institute from sales of our jewellery and jewellery contributions to fundraising activities.
The work of the institute has always been incredibly special to me from all those many years ago as a university student volunteering time when the program was just getting started.
Taken under sciectific permit, Dolphin Research Institute Photo of V-Nick and her calf


Our common dolphin population is incredibly special and unique, growing from a handful in the bay in 2005, to now having 80 known individuals.
Love you to meet our Mornington Sea Glass adopted dolphin, V-Nick, who is one of the very first super mums who has played a vital role in establishing a healthy population of Common dolphins in our bay.
Photo by DRI under permit.


We have also just adopted our first Mornington Sea Glass whale, VIC0009, a very special female humpback whale who first photographed by David Donnelly under permit, off Mount Martha in 2011.
The Institute hosts the Two Bays Whale Project which captures the movement of whales through Victoria’s waters by photographing and identifying the flukes of whales. Their Fluke ID catalogue has recorded more than 200 individual whales over the past two decades.


It is a privilege for our family to be involved knowing that all money raised will be going directly to their dolphin and whale research and education initiatives in our community.
All research and reports about the whales and dolphins in our bay are publicly available and shared with federal and state governments, the International Whaling Commission and Southern Hemisphere Whales and Climate Project.
We are in awe for the work they have done, and are continuing to do, and incredibly proud to have done this along with you over the years x
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