Ring Measurement Guide by Mornington Sea Glass


Most jewellery retailers in Australia go by number sizing, however sometimes letters are used.
Standard ring sizes are given in millimetres based on the inner diameter of the ring. 
If you are local, we can size your finger or alternatively you can check your size at a local jewellers.
Sending us a photo of a ring that fits you well over a ruler, as per the diagram, is also a way we can work out your size. It is important your ring size is accurate for custom orders. 
While there can be some differences between ring size charts used among jewellers, at Mornington Sea Glass, our handmade rings follow this sizing system: 
  • 5 or J ½ = 15.7mm
    5 ¼ or K = 15.9mm
    5 ½ or K ½ = 16.1mm
    5 ¾ or L = 16.3mm
    6 or L ½ = 16.5mm
    6 ¼ or M = 16.7mm
    6½ or M ½ = 16.9mm
    6 ¾ or N = 17.1mm
    7 or N ½ =17.3mm
    7 ¼ or O = 17.5mm
    7 ½ or O ½ = 17.7mm

  • 7 ¾ or P = 17.9mm
    8 or P ½ = 18.1mm
    8 ¼or Q = 18.3mm
    8 ½ or Q ½ = 18.5mm
    8 ¾ or R = 18.7mm
    9 or R ½ = 18.9mm
    9 ¼ or S = 19.2mm
    9 ½ or S ½ = 19.4mm
    9 ¾ or T = 19.6mm
    10 or T ½ = 19.8mm
    10 ¼ or U = 20.0mm
  • 10 ½ or U ½ = 20.2mm
    10 ¾ or V = 20.4mm
    11 or V ½ = 20.6mm
    11 ¼ or W = 20.8mm
    11 ½ or W ½ = 21.0mm
    11 ¾ or X = 21.2mm
    12 or X ½ = 21.4mm
    12 ¼ or Y = 21.6mm1
    2 ½ or Z = 21.8mm
    12 ¾ or Z ½ = 22.0mm


Our necklaces come in standard sizes 40 or 45cm. If you would like a longer size we can order a longer length at an additional cost. We will give you a quote prior to ordering.  Please see general guide below as well as individual necklace descriptions.
Necklace Length & Position on the Body
25-35cm: Hangs tight around the neck
40cm: Hangs loosely around the neck
45cm: Sits on the collarbone or above
50cm: Sits just below the collarbone or on
55cm: Lies above the top of the bust or just on
60cm: Lies at or just below the centre of the bust
70-90cm: Hangs below the bust
100cm+: Hangs below the navel


Cuff bangles are one size and have an opening to slide your wrist in and the fit can be adjusted slightly. 
How to put on a cuff bracelet:
1.    Hold the bracelet like a ‘C’ with the opening facing the inside of your wrist
2.    Touch the bottom part of the cuff to the soft spot on the inside of your wrist
3.    Roll your wrist into the bracelet so the side of your wrist enters the cuff first
4.    When you want to take it off, simply roll out of it so the side of your wrist is the exit point.
When wearing, keep the gap on the inside of your wrist and avoid pushing it up your arm. Bangles can be worn further up your forearm but cuff bracelets hang low.
Sometimes you have to bend a cuff bracelet once, the first time you wear it to adjust the gap correctly. Slide the cuff down your arm until it fits snuggly above your hand. Work from the last piece of glass and squeeze gently little by little evenly on both sides to avoid damage.

Aqua sea glass sterling silver bangle by Mornington Sea Glass


Our standard bangle size we use is 65mm inside diameter. However we can organise a 62mm or 68mm upon request. Price will vary from the standard size. We will give you a quote prior to ordering.
To measure the size you need either take an existing bangle that you own and measure the inside of it and compare to the measurements below.
Small – 60mm diameter
Small/medium – 62/63mm diameter
Medium – 65mm diameter
Medium/large – 68mm diameter
Large – 70mm diameter
Blue sea glass sterling silver ball bracelet by Mornington Sea Glass


Small Length- 19cm
Medium Length- 21cm
Large Length- 22cm
On average, children are approximately 16cm/17cm long, older child/teen approximately 17cm/19cm and women approximately 19/21cm
 Our anklets are approximately 24cm long.

Please contact us for any further queries re sizing, a particular product on our website or a custom order.



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