Local seafoam, green, blue and white sea glass photographed by Mornington Sea Glass at the beach on the Mornington  Peninsula, Victoria, Australia.


Our connection to family, our community and marine environment means working towards creating ethical and sustainable jewellery is important to us.

Sea glass are fragments of discarded glass and tableware from bygone eras that have made their way into our waterways and recycled by nature over many years.

We only use genuine sea glass that has been either found on the beach by us locally or around Australia, or by reputable friends of ours who live and beachcomb in Japan, the United States and England.

We believe nature is the true artist and if she has spent many decades shaping the glass we find, then it is our role to set it to the exact shape it washed up along the shore.

Please see below for information on where we source our silver and our studio practices.

  • Sourcing our silver

    We purchase Argentium®Silver and sterling silver metal from Australia’s leading socially responsible manufacturer, and the only Australian organisation certified by the international Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC). All precious metal from here is sourced in a way that does not cause, support or benefit unlawful conflict, or contribute to serious human rights abuses or breaches in international law.
  • Accountability & Traceability

    In addition, their refining division is subject to an annual Independent Conflicts Metals audit. Responsible sourcing plays a crucial role in obtaining environmentally precious metals that are responsibly and ethically sourced from guaranteed conflict free areas in Australia. Furthermore, their precious metal source can be traced directly to its primary source.
  • Environmentally responsible

    From an environmental perspective, they do not accept refining material from regions or companies that do not adhere to the strictest environmental regulations including ecosystem protections and rehabilitation initiatives. Eco-friendly refining is utilised with state-of-the-art technologies and processes that are friendly to the environment and support zero free emissions.
  • Product availability

    Argentium® silver can be challenging to source from within Australia. If we are unable to firstly source here, our second choice is a US manufacturer who once again is accredited by the RJC with ethical sourcing, are traceable and conflict free, recycle scrap metals, as well as achieving net zero energy consumption. They collect and give a second life to jewellery making tools and supplies by donating to jewellers and instructors from areas and countries in need.
  • Silver in our studio

    We also collect our left-over silver scraps from our jewellery making to recycle and undergo secondary refinement here within Australia. We choose to use certified Argentium® silver wherever possible as it is produced using only recycled silver.
    Where possible, we request our jewellery supplies to not be sent in plastic, however if it is unavoidable we reuse the bags to store our silver designs and supplies to prevent tarnishing.



  • Our packaging

    Our packaging consists of reusable cloth jewellery bags or earthboard gift boxes that are made from 100% Australian made recycled board. We post our jewellery in recyclable boxes filled with wood wool, an eco friendly product that is completely biodegradable and made from timber from responsible sources.




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