At Mornington Sea Glass we have designed our jewellery to be as easy as possible to enjoy.

We choose to use Argentium®Silver when we set our silversmith jewellery where possible not only because it has an incredible natural brightness and lustre, but it is harder, stronger and more durable than regular sterling silver. Made with a touch of germanium, Argentium®Silver is also more tarnish resistant. It has a whiter colour, antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties. All these benefits make Argentium®Silver better for in the end for you and gentler on the environment, as less chemicals are used in production and cleaning of finished jewellery pieces.

Pink, blue and white English multi colour sea glass solid silver bangle with cast silver sea star and sea urchin by Mornington Sea Glass. Photographed at rock pools on the Mornington  Peninsula, Victoria, Australia.

This also means our jewellery pieces made with Argentium®Silver are more resistant to damage from scratches and dents, which is great for those of us who love to regularly wear it! Argentium®Silver patented formulation contains another ingredient that creates a self healing, protective layer on the surface that slows the onset on tarnishing.
Argentium®Silver is also more pure than traditional sterling silver (which has 92.5% silver). Argentium®Silver has 93.5% minimum silver content.

Pink and white English multi colour sea glass pendants by Mornington Sea Glass. Photographed at rock pools on the Mornington  Peninsula, Victoria, Australia.

One other important aspect of Argentium®Silver production to note is all our silver is sourced from recycled material, and our supplier has traceability of that silver back to the refinery. We know that sustainability and ethical manufacturing is important to our customers
 For those with allergy concerns, Argentium®Silver alloys do not contain nickel. Our Argentium®Silver is always made from ethically sourced recycled silver, making it naturally beautiful and low maintenance, which is why it works so well with sea glass!
Cast silver shell earrings by Mornington Sea Glass. Photographed at rock pools on the Mornington  Peninsula, Victoria, Australia.

The Argentium®Silver range in terms of findings and chains is not as vast with available choices like sterling silver, so our design and chain range also includes charms, chains, bracelets and bangles made with sterling silver.
Our casting is done with Bright Silver, which is a higher grade sterling silver and more tarnish resistant. It also does not contain nickel.

At Mornington Sea Glass we will always state in the product description if your jewellery has been made with Argentium®Silver or Sterling Silver.

Argentium®Silver and sterling silver loves to be worn so the best way to keep it looking great is to do just that! To keep clean sterling silver, simply wipe away any dust or finger marks with a soft cloth or, for more intricate pieces, wash them in warm soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly and immediately to avoid water marks. A warm wash is great for sea glass as well.

To keep your Argentium® Silver jewellery shiny and bright. Simply use a little soap (like shampoo or dish soap), water, and a soft toothbrush. Rinse very well in clean running tap water.  Pat dry with a clean absorbant cloth and let air dry. Make sure your jewellery is completely dry before storing.

An occasional wipe with a clean silver polishing cloth will help to maintain your jewellery’s shine and lustre. For Argentium®Silver we recommend Goddard’s cloths. Keep in a zip lock plastic bag or air tight container when you are not wearing your jewellery to protect it. Only store when it has been cleaned and is completely dry and do not store with other jewellery pieces.

Please do not use ‘dip’ polishes or electrolytic cleaning processes with Argentium®Silver. As recommended for other precious metals, it is advisable to remove Argentium silver and sterling silver jewellery before entering swimming pools/spas and before carrying out activities where your jewellery could come into contact with chemicals.

If you have worn your handcrafted Mornington Sea Glass jewellery for awhile and feel it needs an extra sparkle, we offer a complimentary clean and polish. While we will clean and polish your piece free of charge, you will need to cover postage to us and back to you. Please contact us for further information about this service.

Sea glass is strong but it is old glass! It can damage if dropped or knocked on a hard surface. If you would like a more frosted look to your sea glass wash and dry with a soft cloth or towel. If you prefer a ‘just washed up from the ocean’ look, you can dab a small amount of mineral oil on the sea glass after drying.

NEVER put your sea glass homewares such as canapé knives, pate knives, cheese knives, wine stoppers, jam spoons, appetizer spoons, appetizer forks or coffee scoops in the dishwasher. A gentle HANDWASH only is recommended.


How to put on a cuff bracelet:

1.    Hold the bracelet like a ‘C’ with the opening facing the inside of your wrist

2.    Touch the bottom part of the cuff to the soft spot on the inside of your wrist

3.    Roll your wrist into the bracelet so the side of your wrist enters the cuff first

4.    When you want to take it off, simply roll out of it so the side of your wrist is the exit point.

When wearing, keep the gap on the inside of your wrist and avoid pushing it up your arm. Bangles can be worn further up your forearm but cuff bracelets hang low.

Sometimes you have to bend a cuff bracelet once, the first time you wear it to adjust the gap correctly. Slide the cuff down your arm until it fits snuggly above your hand. Work from the last piece of glass and squeeze gently little by little evenly on both sides to avoid damage.



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