Beachcomber Collection

The first time she spotted them the sun was setting across the bay. A soft, golden hue had settled across the sand. Catching the light and immediately her heart, were tiny, glowing gems. With that in mind our jewellery is designed to connect you to all that is hidden beneath the waves and can be found washed up along its shores.

Wherever in the world you may be, our Mornington Sea Glass jewellery is a keepsake that allows you to always have piece of the sea, ocean or even Port Phillip Bay with you at all times.

Wear our handcrafted sea glass jewellery range with larimar and aquamarine, or marine and nautical inspired jewellery to strengthen your connection and commitment to the ocean. Each piece can be layered and worn with our handcrafted sea glass jewellery.

By choosing our Mornington Sea Glass jewellery you are also supporting the Dolphin Research Institute’s β€˜Adopt-a-Dolphin Program’, which we regularly donate to from sales of our jewellery.